My decision to Blog

24 Apr
I am a former minister of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.  Writing that very last statement is both cathartic and painful.  Nonetheless,  it is my new reality.  I ended the relationship of my own free will. What I am about to share is motivated by my desire to clearly articulate the truth of my sudden exit from the denomination I was a part of for over twenty years. This is due to the many and varied versions and articulations of my departure, none of which are correct.  I would not be honest if I did not admit that I am also blogging about this experience for my own benefit.  That benefit is primarily so that I may be able to make some sense out of my most recent experience – the experience which lead to my leaving the ministry – and also to make some sense of my entire ministry, and the church which I’ve been a part of for so many years.  I understand that for many, writing and posting publicly  is considered to be wrong – but it is my belief that doing so will foster much needed dialogue about changes which need to take place within (and without) African  Methodism specifically, and mainline denominations in general. My comments are not meant to harm any person or entity – but rather, they are meant to motivate others to make better decisions about ministry and church life – especially in cases where my mis-step(s) become example(s) of what not to do in ministry or Christian living. I have spent the past several weeks looking for a peaceful place within myself where I might be able to reflect upon recent events.  With God’s help, I truly feel like I have arrived at that place.  Thank you Lord for peace.  Thank you Lord for love.